---------Tartar Sauce-----------

Add to any meal by making our pickles into a tartar sauce!  Just dice up some pickles, add a little mayonaise and some brine and viola!

----------Bloody Mary-------------

 - After you finish the jar of OLD BAY BOOM CRAFTED PICKLES use the brine to add some flavor to your bloody Mary! 

----Zing up your Tuna melt----

Add BOOM Crafted Pickles Wasabi & Onion pickles to your tuna melt sandwich and watch your meal come alive. 

----------Zesty Beans-----------

Use the whole jar!  Put the beans and brine in a pot...add diced raw chicken, cook and...BOOM! Instant Meal!!!

---All Brines (pickles juices)---

Use them on a sub instead of the vinegar and oil OR use as a marinade!  

Grilled Cheese

Nothing makes a grilled cheese sandwich more exciting than adding a STRAIGHT UP GARLIC or DILL, GARLIC HORSERADISH BOOM CRAFTED PICKLE!